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EARST Workshop

MAY 29, 2013

BOUILLON - Belgium

Hungarian Radon Forum

May 16-17, 2013

Veszprem - Hungary


117th International Conference on Solid State Dosimetry

September 22-27, 2013

Recife, Brazil

Radosys®…  … The integrated radon measurement system. Comprises all units and accessories, which is needed for the everyday practice of a routine radon test laboratory. … The most popular CR-39 track-etch AT radon test instrumentation on the world market, utilizing NTD and SSNTD techology. More than 100 systems work in radon laboratories in 20 countries. Are you involved in radon research or do you plan to set-up radon laboratory? The Radosys system is dedicated to meet all the demands of research applications and of routine radon surveys. Complete systems and components to setup radon test facilities. Turn-key solutions to start up or expand your radon level measurements. Solutions for all budgets and measurement throughputs. Systems from home lab use up to professional radioprotection lab range. Full ISO-11665 compatibility comes with all versions
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